Now you know what is IncBright.

IncBright , is a scholarship initiative awarded by Team Incubation for the students currently pursuing their higher secondary education, who wants to pursue their Undergraduate studies in various Central Universities and other prime institutes across the country. The students shall be eligible for free access to all the resources provided by Team Incubation under PEPP UG, this includes 100 hours of comprehensive training, Study materials, a free Mentorship program, and Career Guidance.

You are eligible if

The following conditions shall be met,to be eligible for the IncBright Scholarship.

  1. The student should be in the second year of his/her higher secondary studies in the academic year 2021-2022.
  2. Students should fill out and submit the application that is attached below, with a valid recommendation from the respective officials of the pupil’s school.
  3. School authorities who can nominate a student are,
      a) Heads of the institution
      b) Faculties of the institution
      c) Head of School Management Committee / Parents Teacher Association (PTA).
  4. Pupil’s financial background shall be assessed by the authorities of Team Incubation along with the reference point to confirm the eligibility for the scholarship.
  5. Once the application is submitted, it will not be subjected to any further changes.